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CSS Profile vs. FAFSA

Most students know the importance of completing a FAFSA once a year for financial aid. There is a new financial aid form that is gradually being adopted throughout the country. The CSS Profile, created...

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FAFSA vs. Pell Grant

When you start applying for financial aid, two terms will come up again and again: FAFSA and Pell Grant. Both of these can help you pay for college, but they are completely different programs....

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Athletic Scholarship Statistics

How much are athletic scholarships worth? How many college students get sports scholarships each year? These are just some of the questions you may ask when exploring athletic scholarship statistics. Learn the important and...

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Unclaimed Scholarships From Last Year

Are there really billions of dollars floating around, not being used in the form of unclaimed scholarships?  Well…kind of. The truth, as usual, is a bit vague. While there is plenty of financial aid...